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Cartoon show + picking tour, another wonderful Dahongshanli Children's Day

Release Date: 2019-06-03

Information Sources: City Culture and Tourism Bureau

edit: City Culture and Tourism Bureau

Review: Xu Jing

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Meet face-to-face with cartoon characters of various characters, exchange conversations, and take pictures together; in the sea of flowers and fruits under the mountains, enjoy thousands of acres of orchards, pick and taste them. What a surprise for children! On Children's Day, the Dahongshan Scenic Area prepared a wonderful experience for all children, allowing them to have a different holiday.

To celebrate the children's festival, on June 1st, in the core scenic spot, a cartoon character show prepared by Da Hongshan will invite the little ones from the staff's home to wear a variety of cartoon costumes and gather in the various places in the scenic area. Great attractions, interact with children and play together. At the event site, there are cute and fickle clowns to fold a variety of balloons for the little babies to create the best parent-child family travel experience. In the seascape area of flowers and fruits under the mountain, peaches, apricots, blueberries, plums and other fruits are already fruitful on various types of fruit trees.

It is understood that this year's "June 1st" Children's Day coincides with the weekend, and parents can just take their children out in the wild together. Dahong Mountain in the early summer is lush. Whether you take the children up to the horizon, or have an outdoor experience, you can experience a joy of embracing nature. In the core scenic area on the mountain, we will pray to the golden dome on the ancient road together, walk along the Bailongchi plank path to watch the clear water, go into the Zhuangyuan Pavilion to learn Chinese culture, sit together under the ancient ginkgo king tree to tell a story, and experience a leap of passion at Jiankou ... Good choices everywhere.

Cartoon show on the mountain, picking tour under the mountain. At the Huaguohai of Dahong Mountain under the mountain, in addition to the joy of picking various characteristic fruits, the garden experience is also a major feature of the Huaguohai Park. The "Today's Farm" theme experience park in the park organically combines picking and entertainment. The open-air stovetop and KTV stage in the farm can provide personalized and customized services for tourists. At night, at the blazing campfire, you can enjoy the mountain banquet while singing passionately. At the same time, the characteristics of free fishing area, outdoor barbecue area, bonsai cultivation area, ecological camping area, lotus pond strolling area can meet the various needs of different tourists.

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