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Guangshui Carmine Fresh Peach Sales Popular

Release Date: 2019-06-28

Information Sources: Suizhou Daily

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In mid-June, carmine fresh peaches were listed on the market. In Weijiachong Carmine Fresh Peach Planting Base, Sanhe Village, Shili Sub-district Office, Guangshui City, the villagers are busy picking and boxing the freshly picked peaches and sending them to Wuhan, Guangdong, Beijing and other parts of the country. "The sales of carmine and fresh peaches are booming, with orders coming in, more than 400 orders a day, and the village needs to ship more than 3,000 pounds of peaches a day." Master Sanhe Village Weishang Fu introduced.

Sanhe Village is a large forest planting village. Almost every family planted carmine fresh peaches. The village has a large scale of carmine fresh peach planting and sweet fruit, which has won unanimous praise from customers. "This year, as the carmine fresh peaches matured, the village cooperatives sold most of the farmers' peaches through online stores, WeChat, and live broadcast." Master Fu said, "The net red anchor went to the base to pick and live chat with fans. The completion of the peach sale in the chat interaction not only raised the popularity of the local carmine fresh peach, but also broadened the sales channels. "

"In April of this year, we went to the village to discuss cooperation. At present, we have successfully sold about 100,000 cats of carmine fresh peaches." Fu Aihua, "Village Partner" of Guangshui City, introduced that carmine fresh peaches are booming year by year. Most e-commerce companies have signed contract purchase and underwriting agreements with fruit farmers 1 to 2 months in advance. "This year, the local carmine fresh peach market sells well, with an average price of more than 5 yuan per catty, and the price of fine peaches exceeds 15 yuan per catty," said a person in charge of the city's science and technology bureau.

With good taste and good appearance, the local carmine fresh peach is popular in the market. How to do better and stronger related industries has become the unremitting pursuit of Guangshui City. In recent years, the local government has actively guided and actively explored the peach farmers. With sufficient quality and effort, they have adhered to green development and promoted the rapid development of the carmine fresh peach industry. Peach farmers grafted and compared repeatedly, selected high-quality seedlings for transplanting, adopted traditional pruning and wiping bud techniques, implemented unified management of pesticides and fertilizers, and insisted on ecological planting. The local government hired relevant experts to provide on-site guidance, from cultivating ridges to fertilization and pesticide application, adhere to the scientific management of insect and disease prevention, and actively expand sales channels, and guide cooperatives, large planters and e-commerce companies to actively connect them from packaging, sales, and brand Extend the industrial chain in all directions and increase the added value of products.

According to reports, this year the city has an area of more than 50,000 acres of fruit, and its output exceeds 70 million kilograms.

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